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Our team can make you feel a little safer in these uncertain times!

What We Do

A group of companies that develop and distribute products and provides services for the Gaming Industry have found synergies with products that can be used in other economic sectors. Covid 19 has created new challenges, and we have begun a product line for people to feel safer while playing casino electronic machines. Our first product is the "Personal UV Wand", which you wave across the keyboard of any game, to clear it of microbes and viruses.

Now, we will be developing Personal UV Products for non-Gaming applications and individuals. We plan on offering the most cost-effective in UV protection against viruses and bacteria, at the personal level. Whether your concern is public safety or personal protection, our Wand UV Products are available to help. We comply with ISO standards so you know our products by reading our product specifications and identifications. You know what you are getting when you buy from us. 

What's New?

Click here for pictures from the first usage of our newest product.

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