As cancel culture continues to destroy careers and create discourse around the nation, the idea of what positions are politically acceptable to hold or which views are even open to articulation is regularly under question.

But, only a minority of citizens accept this status quo and believe more correctness is necessary. Most people are rejecting this hypersensitive environment in which we find ourselves.

According to a new survey from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, the poisonous growth of politically correct culture in our society is not admired at all.

The survey asks, “Generally speaking, do you think Americans are too politically correct, not politically correct enough, or just right when it comes to political correctness?” The results show that people are not supportive of being more careful with their words. The plurality of respondents, 42%, state flat-out that the public is too politically correct, while almost a fifth, 17%, are unsure. About 10% think that the current climate is good when it comes to speech and culture, and only 30% believe that the nation is not politically correct enough.

It is clear that that the public is split on what is acceptable, but it does lean toward the position that the status quo is just not working for most people, suggesting the woke cultural warriors of correctness and speech are out of step with the rest of the nation.

What is noteworthy here is how these answers break down after digging a bit deeper. When age is considered, for instance, there is very little variance. Younger people are not actually more sensitive or demanding, as you might presume. Just 36% of those ages 18 to 34 argue that the nation is not politically correct enough, and 33% of those 65 years old and up feel the same way. Younger people are barely more liberal here than older cohorts, despite the regular narrative that millennials and Generation Z are leading the nation toward a hypersensitive, woke left.

We need a reality check when it comes to the increasing calls for cancellation and the real rise of politically correct culture, for most people are not supportive of these totalitarian, undemocratic impulses. Of course, there are some positions and ideas that are offensive, factually incorrect, and unacceptable. However, many ideas are worth discussion and debate, and the mobs that try to cancel so many under the guise of political correctness need to be dispersed.

We now know that people, even many liberal ones, are worried that we are too politically correct, and the public does not want this toxic movement to grow further.

Time to Awaken like never before. Free Speech is being canceled, and that is not all. This can't continue and will be a major battle target for SAVE. 

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