You're considered a child and under the legal custody of a parent or guardian until you turn 18 and granted adult status.  Adults, of course, and minors who are “emancipated” don't need a parent’s permission to sign a legally-binding contract, get medical care, enroll in vocational school, or engage in other activities that otherwise require a parent’s permission. When a minor is emancipated, through court order or other means, the minor legally becomes an adult.

So that's where we are, with the relationship with Washington DC and the place we live locally. We are the minors, DC is the adult. And without their permission as espoused by the media, we are powerless.

Our local community has to be emancipated. We are tired of the misrepresentation we have in Washington. The media and politicians are having a great time - AT OUR EXPENSE! Time to end it and that's exactly what SAVE is about, returning power back to the people who pay to support the albatross we have created in Washington DC. 

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