We want our communities to be vibrant, resilient and able to help themselves. A resilient community is strong and quick to recover when things go wrong. A community can't wait for Washington DC for help in an emergency. That being true, why would we spend so much time paying attention to DC, and not pay attention to what is happening in our own neighborhoods. Our daily lives are in the hands of local services and politicians. Why aren't we spending more time on local issues and local politics than Washington DC? SAVE is committed to change attention to what really matters to all of us for 95^ of our lives, our ,local community. 


National research has identified four things that make communities resilient:

  • Healthy and engaged people
  • People who feel included and proud of where they live
  • Looks after its land, food, water, energy, services, jobs and housing
  • Builds strong links to other places and communities

What we need to do is build the skills and knowledge of communities so that they can do more for themselves, rather having things done ‘for’ or ‘to’ them. This ensures that skills stay in the community and can be used for future community projects.

Working in this way is called an ‘asset based’ approach because it starts with assets – what’s strong - not what’s wrong. Assets are people, groups and things in the community. A really important asset, of course, is the people in the community who have the knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to make things happen. That is why we spend do much time on entrepreneurship in lower income areas of our community. 

If communities understand what they have that’s good or strong, they can think about the gap between what they want/need and what they have, and what is most important to tackle first. 

In Parramore where we have begun building our SAVE model, we have plenty of talent, a good bit of creativity, and a great deal of poverty. Do you think Washington is going to directly help that area? Well, if they do, it will be giveaways that solve temporary problems, with no sustainable results. 

So, why do we spend more time in Washington politics instead of electing our own people and getting the best we can that will support what we need to have done? SAVE believes we have had the formula wrong for many tens of years, and now it is time to get it back to where it always should have been.  

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