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Hawksley Media Group is dedicated and determined to help politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, companies, entertainers, foundations, non-for-profit organizations etc. improve their representation and promotion capabilities with their publics. The company stands on four principles: Accountability, Honesty, Loyalty and Leadership. Hawksley Media Group LLC is a one-stop shop for those who are confident enough to want the very best in their achievements. "The company’s slogan, "We care about the best, because we care about you." captures the company’s commitment to who we want to work with, as well as our feelings about them. We intend on providing the best representation by providing the finest quality work."

Joel Hawksley, Hawksley Media Group

APJPlus has chosen Hawksley Media for its Public Relations Program.

"Since the investment market is rapidly becoming  ESG based, Hawksley brought a unique combination of business and political expertise which we thought were a step above the other companies we interviewed. 

We are very happy with our choice and Hawksley's commitment to making us special in the Central Florida market."

Claude Smith, Michael Ben Timmons, Mike Finnegan, APJPlus

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