Orlando Team

Orlando World Live, LLC

Bringing New Life to Downtown Orlando - The Home of Disney now adds a brand new reason to visit America's top tourist city. 

Real Second Chance, Inc 

Orlando's newest and brightest 501c3. Addressing the needs of the most disadvantaged, RSC has become a leader in bringing hope to those who don't have a path to success. 

Teds Community, Inc

Local Celebrity Ted Bogert began an effort 3 years ago to support the entrepreneurs that Real Second Chance was creating. Ted's value to the Community through his help with these and all his good deeds for the town, have made him one of Orlando's natural treasures. 

Parramore Avenue, LLC

Parramore Avenue is the main street in the low income area of downtown Orlando. But, this street now represents the new place for entrepreneurs and success stories. Thanks to so many companies and the leadership of Orlando World Live and Real Second Chance, Parramore Avenue is on the way to a new and bright future.  

A Hero for Kids (501c3)

A Hero for kids represents everything a children's charity should be about. John Kalish, its founder has helped, arguably, more disadvantaged kids than any other group in Orlando. He continues to invest in making our city better.   

Kids Entrepreneur Education, LLC 

Through the work of Real Second Chance, kids in urban centers were found to be the key to a better future. Thus, RSC added a kids entrepreneur section to its entrepreneur education. with the help of two key members of the Boys and Girls Club. It is the first Kids Entrepreneur course, developed by kids. Hundreds more courses are on their way. 





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