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President Abraham Lincoln is quoted frequently these days, and well he should be. A thread runs throughout his writings and his speeches that clearly pointed to his intent to engage in an effort of national reconciliation after the Civil War that would both recover our fractured Union, but also would once and for all enfranchise Black Americans, enslaved in horrendous servile labor for hundreds of years. Tragically, while shot and shell took the lives of hundreds of thousands in the Americans Civil War, the cruelest single bullet fired in the entire conflict took the life of President Lincoln, and in that moment the nation, and its people, were robbed of what might have been a new era of true national reconciliation. In his all too brief second inaugural address, we not only gain a glimpse into the mind of this great healer, but we can also find the basis to live the resolute dedication reflected in his words, even as we embark on our own journey of national healing and reconciliation:

And, in an eerie way, this is where we are, 150 years later. But the participants are quite different. This time it's the socialists vs. the capitalists, the progressives vs the originalists. And instead of blacks being the winners, they are the pawns being used in a political game that should never be allowed in a country as great as America should be.

Blacks DO NOT have the same opportunities that whites have. That is a disgrace! But the problem can't be solved by more free things. The problem must be solved by making sure Blacks have the same opportunities. A long uphill road, but that is what we will be supporting. We want America together and politics, some of it quite evil, has created this division. We have had 150 years to solve this inequity and politicians have messed it up. Time for American people and communities to fix, since our politicians can't  Everything we do will Support getting all of us together, ALL OF US, in one united, equal opportunity country. Whether capitalist or socialist, progressive or originalist, we can no longer use Blacks as tools of the political system. We support equality and opportunity for all, not just a political segment that satisfies our egos. This support starts locally and if we can achieve it there, we can do it everywhere.       

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