Vero Beach HQ and Research and Development Center

The Company’s Research and Development, is under construction in Vero Beach, Florida just 90 minutes south of Disney World and Epcot.

Its indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) design is the product of decades of research at Cornell University and other institutions, collaboratively working to find ways of feeding a growing global population with dwindling land and water resources.

The Vero Research Farm is a model Controlled Environment Agriculture facility and the future of food production. The only true commercial, Private Enterprise Aquaponics Research Center in the U.S.

APJ’s proprietary version (patent to be filed in near future) of the Mixed Cell Raceway design (Patent Disclosure Filed)

SplashTM monitoring system & operating software (Patent Pending)

Fast-growing Tilapia. “Red-Skinned” Tilapia under development.

Our knowledge base is a moat deeper than all the legal IP protections undertaken by APJ.



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