Let us show by example, what we mean by Victory. 

The distinction between subjective victory and objective victory can demonstrated in the distinction between victory by knockout and victory by points. In boxing matches, victory by points is subjective, because it is subject to the judge’s decision. The judge awards points to each boxer at the end of each round. At the end of the match, the judge declares the winner based on the number of points that each side has received. In contrast, a victory by knockout does not require a judge’s decision. The defeated adversary is stretched out on the floor, the referee counts to ten, and if the boxer does not stand up on his feet, the match has ended with a knockout victory.

In today's politics, objective victory happens at the ballot box. Whoever has the most votes wins. Subjective victory is spewed by losing political parties when they see improvements in a district, or a State closer than it used to be. They have an illusion of victory, totally subjective, And they entice donations because the next election will be a winning one for them.

So let me be clear, as politicians might say. We are not looking for a subjective victory. We want the power changed from Washington back to the people. Anything less will be considered a failure, and we don't plan on failing.  

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